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La Fine del MondoMarco Fusinato, Felicity D. Scott, Mark Wasiuta
Designed by Sinisa Mackovic, Robert Milne and Fabian Harb

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Strategic Questions #39, What is Integrity?

Strategic Questions #39, What is Integrity?

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The Third Rail, Issue 2 by Dante Carlos and River Jukes-Hudson

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During the Exhibition the Gallery Will Be ClosedCamiel van Winkel
Design: Sam de Groot

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Code, Form and Sound, Jozef Ondrik

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Karel Martensletterpress monoprints on catalogue cards from the Stedeljk Museum 

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Critical Practice

"Everything is mediated nowadays. Real experiences no longer exists – it’s all intertextual. At the same time, there are dominant forces establishing the way we deal with things. The combination of design and fine art in the traditional sense was not enough. My idea was to combine them with theory, and that tension should be explored and made productive by looking at their role in the public sphere."

"In our culture, the tradition is to strive for a closed product: a kind of statement composed of form and content that is somehow complete in itself. Graphic designers find themselves in a situation which supports the institution and that becomes part of the product. If you strive for a closed message, both in form and content, then you are not being true to the communicative character of the message, to the real aim of communication. Producers of information try to hide their real aims and motives. Information becomes a commodity. Design is the ultimate answer to that. In one way or another the public must remain in a position where they can also measure the motives of the producer and mediator that lie behind the product, against their own experience of the world."

"Because designers and intellectuals fail to reflect critically upon the conditions under which their own actions comes about, their mediating role between private and public interest has been lost. In the media, problems of a public nature are veiled by a multiform spectacle, the public interest is increasingly formulated by marketing, and the visual language of graphic or other design – originally intended to act as a liberating force – has been replace by the forms of expression of advertising and public relations. We have reached a point where reality is permeated by the spectacle. […] Like most other public activities, design serves as a theatrical substitute for essential forms of social communication."

"It is striking with how little political awareness designers think about the meaning of visual mediation in socio-cultural sense at the present time. The discipline has abandoned the previous mental space in which it reflected on its social role and has therefore lost the critical distance that determined its relation vis-à-vis the client’s brief.”

Jan van Toorn: Critical Practice
Rick Poynor

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Day 4 Booksfromthefuture Summer School. Brilliant lecture by writer Ken Hollings ‘… the centre is everywhere, the circumference nowhere… A journey through Flatland.’

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Frozen Chicken Train Wreck, Laurence Hamburger

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